VPA Company Owners & Managers
Why Certify Your Staff Members?

The simple answer is that to remain as competitive as possible today, you and your company staff members must be certified and stay certified. The bar has been raised in the Vehicle Service Contract world and consumers are now taking additional steps to ensure that they are working with the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the business. Professional CVPP certifications from VPA offer them another screening tool -- one that has the backing and credibility of the leading professional training and certification body in the Vehicle Service Contract industry today.

Bring your sales and customer service reps to a minimum standard of excellence, customer protection and product knowledge.

Every professional requires specialized skills. Not everyone knows that your company consultants have those skills. In short, certification is an investment in your company’s success, your livelihood, your future.


Registration is for VPA member companies only.

2 year VPA CVPP Certification is available to individuals who are employed by current Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) member companies.

This is a special VPA registration webpage for member companies to register their staff members with no minimum number of certifications per company to qualify. Only $99 per rep for full 2 year certification. Payment is by Credit Card or PayPal account.


*Companies Please Note: You will choose the quantity of certifications that you wish to register for your company at the payment page (next page) and then click "Continue" to input your payment information, thank you.

Note: Please Contact Us if you wish to Opt Out of the online Search function and not have your staff members listed for public search.